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PANCAFIT®  sessions

Daily stress, physical traumas, sedentary lifestyle cause excessive tensions and muscular reductions which might end up several physical problems.
At MHC you can find a valid support to balance your body.
Thanks to an overall uneven stretching, Pancafit balance your posture and the correct functioning of muscles and articulations, improving your blood flow and breathing. For further information please ask directly at the gym.

Method Raggi Pancafit is consolidated by I.U.S.M. (Physical Education University Institute), by E:P:S:A: (Ergonomic and Postural Study Agency) and by the Medicine and Surgery Faculty of La Sapienza University in Rome. (Experimental Medicine and Pathology Department).

medical certificate

In order to attend the gym, we require a medical certificate certifying eligibility to non-agonistic sport activities. You can ask your doctor or book a medical visit to our reception.


Upon request, we provide a tailor-mode physiotherapy path meant to achieve the necessary muscular to stretching recovery. A key factor is the close relationship between our gym trainer and our physiotherapist and medical staff in order to continuously update physical training in accordance with the patient’s needs and his/her difficulties. Our therapeutic programs are performed by qualified and professional rehabilitation staff.


Our exclusive club avails itself of qualified personal trainers for whoever requires a continuous and personalized support during the whole training.

Thanks to a colse cooperation with our medical staff, your personal trainer will help you:

To fin your goals
To choose the right program in order to achieve them according to your requirements.

Your personal trainer will be your advisor, your coach, your friend and he/she will be always there to encourage your to achieve your aims Book your trainer at the reception.


A designated equipment produces pressures on your (lower limbs) legs and you immediately feel them light and relieved; this procedure helps to treat initial blood circulation problems, venous distress, lymphatic drainage, cellulite, capillary fragility, skin dystrophy.

Pressotherapy is not indicated in case of serious venous thrombosis, leg infections, heart insufficiency.


Osteopathy is health discipline (low 3/2018) based on an integrated and complementary approach of traditional medicine. By identifying and treating the “somatic disfunction” it is possible to cure symptoms of different pathologies such as: cervical arthritis, low back pain, sciatica, arthritis,, low back pain, sciatica, arthritis, discopathy, headaches, articulation and muscular pains caused.